Thursday, 7 December 2017

DIY - Christmas Trees and Presents Decorations

After last week's project, I just entered into a creative mode and I wanted to make some more decorations, namely trees and presents. Making your own Christmas decorations is easy and fun and your tree can look pretty and stylish without breaking the bank. Just use what you've got and put your creative mind to good use.

Friday, 1 December 2017

DIY - Christmas Hanging Hearts Two Ways

I found these wooden hanging hearts in a local shop and I couldn't help myself so I had to buy them. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them at the time, but I knew I wanted to transform them somehow and use them as Christmas decorations. Looking in my scrap materials stash, I found some faulty prints after my paintings and some wooden shapes I got from a friend. Ta-da!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas Fair 2017

I was happy to be invited to take part in this Christmas Fair in North Curry, Somerset as I haven't done one in four years! It's been a long time since I have written this post and looking back at it, I am happy I followed my own advice: nice tablecloth (white is perfect for my products so they stand out), plenty of change, similar style products and everything was clearly priced. Note to self: in the future, order some bags so the customers won't need to carry their purchases in their hands. Dear people who read this post, if you know of a good packaging company, please let me know; I would prefer recycled paper if possible (I am mainly interested in paper bags). Thoughts for the future? I should start doing more fairs and not rely exclusively on online sales. The highlight of the night: people winning my donated products for their raffle tickets. I hope they like them - they could be a perfect Christmas present. 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

November Monthly Challenge @ Art Beads Scene

You probably know by now that I enjoy taking part in the monthly challenge over at Art Beads Scene Studio. Checking this month's artwork inspiration, I loved it straight away. The painting is called 'Crozant, The Bouchardon Mill' by Armand Guillaumin, created in 1906 and it is oil on canvas. I like the colours and the painting that came to mind to use for my pendant connector is 'Midnight Meadow'. Do you approve? As always, enjoy the making of photos and I am looking forward to the next month's challenge.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Christmas Ornaments

I enjoy making Christmas ornaments, either hand painted or mounted with prints after my wintry paintings. As I like unusual decoration for my tree, I thought that other people might look for something whimsical and quirky. This year's ornaments are all about Devon inspired cottages, the same that appear in my paintings. White cute cottages against various shades of blue, green and grey backgrounds with hints of green and red, the colours of Christmas. Here are the making-of photos. Enjoy!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Four Ways of Wearing Ethical Fashion

Knitwear - People Tree; Trousers - People Tree; Scarf - my late grandmother's 

1. Ethical clothing from dedicated brands

My favourite brands are People Tree, Nomads Clothing and Seasalt. If you want to change your wardrobe into a more ethical one, you don't have to throw out everything and buy new clothes; you can do it slowly so every time you need a new item, simply look for its ethical version. It will be more durable and timeless.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Bracelet for Madame De Pompadour - Art Bead October Challenge

I love the monthly challenge over at Art Beads Scene Studio even though I have only taken part once so far. Checking this month's painting inspiration, I loved it straight away - Madame De Pompadour by Francois Boucher, dated 1756 and created in oil on canvas. I like the sumptuousness of the dress and the shades of teal and pink and I instantly thought that I could use the below pendant connector for which I printed a mini image of my original painting 'Daisies and Friends'. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

How I revived my blog in 2017

It is not easy to keep a blog, especially if you don’t particularly like talking about yourself. And, we, artists and crafters, are all guilty. We prefer to get on with our work and not ramble about our lives. Who would be interested? What would I write about? How will I come up with new ideas? What else should I write about apart from my art/craft? These are just a few questions that the majority of us don’t have answers to so we either don’t start a blog at all or if we do start one, we shortly abandon it for lack of ideas. I know, I have been there too.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The smell of autumn: smoked aubergine purée

It's been a while since I wrote this article and I am still enjoying a good old aubergine salad which, in the meantime, I found out is called smoked aubergine purée (it is a matter of translating from Romanian into English and not about the dish itself - we call it salad even though it is a purée). The ingredients are the same: smoked aubergines, homemade mayonnaise and either onion or garlic. But my version replaces mayonnaise with mascarpone cheese and I am also adding red peppers. There are other varieties out there, one of them being with smoked aubergines, yoghurt, garlic and dill - this is something I've yet to try. In a meantime, here are some pictures showing my version and if you like aubergines in every shape and forms (I love them!) this is a perfect autumn dish that you can use either as a dip or as a breakfast spread on toast. Delicious!